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Dr. Alexandra Osório

Clinical Director

Affectionate by Science and Beauty and passionate for helping others, I consider that being a doctor is a blessing that grants me making healthier and happier people.

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Capilares - Procedimentos inovadores


Innovative procedures

Rejuvenescimento - Sem recorrer a cirurgias

Laser Against Patches

No surgery necessary

Coolsculpting - Elimine gorduras


Eliminate localised fat

Depilação a Laser - Elimine pêlos definitivamente

Laser Hair Removal

Eliminate unwanted hair forever

Varizes - tratamento não invasivo

Varicose Veins

Non-invasive treatment


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Tratamento Profhilo
Laser para Varizes
Acompanhamento Endocrinológico e Dieta Personalizada
Sinais Malignos vs Sinais Benignos
Rejuvenescimento Masculino
Dia Internacional da Igualdade Feminina