Alexandra Osório

To explain DermAge path is also to let all know my path and evolution as a professional and affectionate by Dermatology and Esthetics – Alexandra Osório.

The degree in Medicine was just the beginning of a scientific path that is far from being done – as one learns something new everyday day, and, specially, because Science and Medicine evolve in such a way that all doctors have to be in permanent formation.

Being affectionate by Science and Beauty and above all by aiding people, I consider that being a doctor is a blessing that grants me make people healthier and happier.

This is the sole reason I strongly invested in my formation with specializations and master in Cosmetic Dermatology along with several formations and experiences as doctor and general surgeon (during three years) and cosmetic surgeon.

This clinical experience, allied to scientific investigation developed in the specializations, provides me a holistic vision of the patient, which is crucial to the success of the clinical interventions on dermatology and anti-aging level. This particular field fascinates me and I don’t get tired of keeping investigating and learning about.