Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is one of the definitive elimination techniques used in the last years.

The truth is hair removal is part of the beauty ritual of most women, and now part of some men’s routine.

There are several hair removal methods: be it razor, depilatory cream and wax – the last method before laser hair removal. However, none of these three is as effective and last longing as laser hair removal method.

Previously, one of the biggest limitations to the laser hair removal was the skin photo-type, this is, the technique didn’t work evenly according to skin tone.

Clínica DermAge provides to its clients a top quality Laser Cynosource, which allows hair removal in several skin photo-types, from the clearest to the darkest.

This technique may be used throughout the year, without any type of counter-indications.

Go to Clínica DermAge and schedule right now a Free Evaluation of your skin type and your deepest needs in hair removal. Then, you are ready to start “fighting against hair”.

Useful Advices:

  • Do not wax hair removal during one month prior your laser hair removal session;
  • You may use depilatory cream right before the session;
  • Think on an area you wish to definitely want to stay hairless;
  • Avoid sunbathing 4 days before and after the treatment;
  • Moisturize really well the skin.

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