Clínica DermAge is a Medical-Surgeon Center, specialized in anti-aging, General Dermatology, and Advanced Aesthetics-Surgery Dermatology.

Alongside, Clínica DermAge has also three unities specific to various treatments: Capillary Unit, dedicated to capillary treatments, Vascular Unity, and Weight-loss and Body Modeling Unity.

All treatments at Clínica DermAge are thought exclusively to each client, who receives personalized monitoring, and a specific treatment adequate to each patient needs. Come, meet us and let us aid feeling more at ease with your image, healthier and happier.


Clínica DermAge has single values that marks it as a clinic of excellence and above all completely directed in obtaining results to its patients:

  • – Professionalism and Specialized Training – at Clínica DermAge we have an excellent team of professionals.
  • – Dedication – all patients of Clínica DermAge are treated and monitored in a single and personalized way, full of dedication.
  • – Results –at Clínica DermAge we work daily to obtain positive results to our patients.


DermAge aims aiding the patient to take the best out of his/hers natural features. Rejuvenation or just retouching beauty, face and body, will contribute patients to overcome life’s challenges, as in a new workplace, or in a new relationship, and to boost self-esteem, getting stronger, determined and self-confident.

DermAge mission is to make you healthier and happier, through our innovating and scientifically advanced treatments.

Come, meet us and know how we can add spark to your life.


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Alexandra Osório
Alexandra Osório

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I am an affectionate by Science and Beauty and above all I have a passion for aiding people, making them healthier and happier.

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Medical Doctors

Drª Alexandra Osório Clinic Director / Dermatologist - Portuguese Professional License No. 35580
Dr. Luís Lopes Endocrinologist - Portuguese Professional License No. 33564
Drª Margarida Barreiros Ortopedist - Portuguese Professional License No. 35568
Dr. Sérgio Tavares dos Santos
Dr. Sérgio Tavares dos Santos Urologist - Portuguese Professional License No. 37469
Catarina Coutinho Immunoallergologist
Alain Barberá Alternative Medicines
Célia Pedroso Profile Picture
Drª. Célia Maria Lino Pedroso Gynecologist - Portuguese Professional License No. 46962

Technical team

Foto de Perfil de Tânia Maia
Tânia Maia Technician of the Capillary Unit
Foto de Perfil de Graça de Bastos
Graça de Bastos Beautician and Technician of Body DermAge Unit
Foto de Perfil de Olga Arroz
Olga Arroz Beautician and Technician Responsible for Laser Hair Removal Unit


Foto de Perfil de Andreia Ferreira
Andreia Ferreira Advisor
Clínica DermAge
Lorena Pena Receptionist
Clínica DermAge
Mafalda Batista Receptionist