Chloasma faciei/ Melasma

Melasma, is also known as pregnancy mask, is indeed, a hyperpigmentation very difficult to correct and needs several treatments.

This skin changes that appears mainly on the upper lip area, starts to show normally after a woman starts taking the birth control pill, places IUD, after a pregnancy or a hormonal problem.

Skin has cells responsible for melanin production, called melanocytes, and that according to skin photo-type, clear or darker, produces more or less melanin.

What happens is that due to hormonal changes or by any other reasons yet unknown, these cells may produce this pigment in non-orderly and unbalanced way even without sun stimulation.

Clínica DermAge patients start the Melasma treatment after a correct diagnosis allows knowing the most indicated treatment, and Clínica DermAge has innovating treatments that eliminate Melasma.

Through the use of laser devices and facial peelings created by Dr. Alexandra Osório as well as the use of specific creams it is possible to correct Melasma and avoid its spreading.

Useful Advices:

  • Use daily the sun protector;
  • Use twice a day a depigmentation cream.

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