Facial drainage

Liquid retention may be caused by several factors: diet rich in fat and salt, blood circulation problems, hormonal problems, tight clothing, amongst others.

All these causes contribute to liquid overload in the body that it is not absorbed. Thus lymphatic circulation doesn’t run normally and impurities start to accumulate in certain parts of the body.

Facial drainage is the same. So, it is necessary to relax all the upper part of the body, massaging the area with hands and thumbs with circular movements. This will make that the accumulated toxins and liquid run again.

This treatment, besides improving your health, improves, too, your state of mind, as all the process is a relaxing one!

Come to Clínica DermAge and experience this treatment. Bet on life quality and your health!


  • Rich diet in salt and fat;
  • Blood criculation problems;
  • Tight clothing;
  • Hormonal issues.

Useful Advices:

  • Seek performing a good skin moisturizing;
  • Drink water.

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