Dermocosmetic consultation

This consultation is dedicated to the complete body rejuvenation.

There is an initial evaluation of the clients’ needs and desires, followed by a care and thoughtful “à lá carte” plan.

In this consultation, there is the concern of preventing the skin premature aging, recommending adequate cosmetic and technics to each type of skin and aging.

Dr. Alexandra Osório has dedicated her life studying skin aging process. In this consultation, Dr. Osório observes all skin surface irregularities (patches, open porous, skin glooming loss), wrinkles (in resting and in movement), loss of volume, loss of mandibular contour, as well as any type of cosmetic irregularities both facial and body (flabbiness, cellulitis, stretches, scars, buttocks depressions).

The final aim is that the client leaves Clínica DermAge satisfied, happy and enjoys the treatments that will undertake.

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