Hair Hydration – Find Out All You Need!

Hair Hydration

What is Hair Hydration?

Hair hydration is an aesthetic treatment that aims to replenish the nutrients and water that the hair strands are losing. Every day, our hair is exposed to various aggressions such as wind, sun exposure, pollution, contact with chemical products and the use of heat tools such as hair curlers and hair dryers. All these aggressions cause the hair to become dry and dull.

Therefore, moisturising is essential in the hair care routine. Hair hydration helps repair these losses and the impact of daily attacks. In addition, this treatment helps prevent dry hair, split ends, assists in the growth and strengthening of the strands, improves their appearance, gives shine and softness. In addition to all the advantages mentioned above, the hair hydration treatment also acts as a protector of future aggressions.

Hair hydration is considered a very simple treatment. It is a treatment that can be done by a professional or even at home.

As long as you have the right product for your hair type. Usually, the products used to hydrate the hair are hydrating masks and/or hydrating ampoules. The main nutritional actives used in these products include ceramides, glycerin, vegetable oils (such as grape seed or almond), argan oil, among others.

The hair moisturizing treatment is a ritual that starts with washing, which should be done with a specific shampoo. Shampoo is recommended by a professional for the type of hair, in order to open the cuticles. Then, with damp hair, apply a mask or a moisturizing ampoule, which should act on the hair for a few minutes. Afterwards, rinse the hair and apply a conditioner to close the cuticles. 

Hair Hydration and Types of Hair

Hair moisturising is a treatment that adapts to all hair strands, including oily hair. Usually, those who have oily hair are reluctant to moisturize for fear that the treatment will worsen their greasiness. In these cases, it is expected that the root will become oily and the hair strands damaged. Therefore, it is recommended that hair moisturizing be done only on the length of the hair, leaving the root out.

However, for the hair to stay healthy the hydration should be done in several sessions in order to improve the results. The ideal is that every week or every fortnight a hair hydration is done, however this periodicity depends on how damaged the hair is.

Vitamins to promote hydrated hair

  • Vitamin A: promotes healthy hair growth and prevents hair from becoming dry and brittle.
  • Vitamin B: The entire B complex is important for hair growth. However, the one that stands out the most is Biotine that helps to avoid hair loss, strengthens the strands, favours proper growth and improves dandruff.
  • Vitamin C: Stimulates blood circulation in the scalp and follicles, which promotes hair growth.
  • Vitamin E: is a powerful antioxidant that promotes healthy blood flow, which can help maintain blood circulation in the scalp, facilitating hair growth.

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