Hair Problems: 4 Warning Signs

Hair Problems

Severe hair loss, loss of shine, increased dryness of the scalp, and thinning hair? Learn what you should do if you have hair problems.

These pathologies can arise at any stage of life and affect men and women. Hair rejuvenation treatment emerges as an alternative to cosmetics and supplements, with a significant improvement in results.

Hair Rejuvenation: What is it?

Natural hair regeneration provides intensive nutrition to revitalize the scalp and increase hair growth. However, over the years, hair shafts gradually become thinner and weaker, resulting in a reduction in hair volume. This phenomenon of hair loss is something that occurs naturally throughout the hair cycle.

If it occurs at an early age, hair aging can be explained by hormonal changes, external aggressions, and even by genetics itself. In this situation, a hair rejuvenation treatment can be used. In this situation, one can resort to a hair rejuvenation treatment. It’s a procedure that when well done is rewarding and improves the self-confidence of those who undergo it.

Hair Problems: Warning Signs

There are several warning signs that should motivate a dermatology consultation. Among them are:

Decreased hair density – When it is found that hair loss is greater than what is born and grows.

Existence of bald spots – Development of areas without hair (bald spots).

Scars – Appearance of scars on the scalp.

Hair regrowth – Usually accompanied by flaking, pimples, nodules or pus drainage.

It’s important that those who suffer from these pathologies, start treatments as soon as possible. So, if you have one of these symptoms, it’s time to see a specialist and get a more careful analysis.

Preventing Hair Aging

A balanced diet, rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals, may prove to be essential to strengthen hair and improve its vitality. Taking vitamin supplements may also be a solution to stop hair loss, even though it is not scientifically proven.

If despite these external precautions your hair does not improve, you have the possibility to undergo a hair transplant, which requires a medical evaluation to define the most appropriate therapeutic approach.

Hair Rejuvenation Treatment

Under the responsibility of Dr. Alexandra Osório, the hair rejuvenation treatment carried out at the DermAge Clinic, rather than stopping hair loss, stimulates the birth of new strands of hair, rejuvenates and strengthens the remaining hair. It also acts as a form of hair aging prevention, controlling the evolution of alopecia.

This surgery involves the surgical removal of hair follicles from one area that are transferred to the bald or thinning hair area.

The results are variable according to each person, however, it’s expected that the hair in the restaurant areas will be permanent, growing as the original hair in terms of color and texture, that there will be a reduction in hair loss and a strengthening of the scalp.

It’s a procedure that when well done is rewarding and improves the self-confidence of the patient who undergoes the treatment.

The protocol includes shampoo, topical scalp medications, oral medication, and hair biorevitalization treatments.

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