Who We Are

Clínica DermAge

DermAge Clinic is a Medical-Surgery Center, specialized in Anti-Aging, General Dermatology and Advanced Aesthetics-Surgery Dermatology.

Alongside, DermAge Clinic has also three units specialized in the following treatments: Capillary Unit, Vascular Unit, Weight-loss and Body Modeling Unit.

All treatments at DermAge Clinic are tailored to each client, who receives personalized monitoring and a specific treatment according to the patient request.

Come and meet us and let us help you feel better with your image, healthier and happier.

Alexandra Osório - DermAge Clinic

Alexandra Osório

I am an affectionate for Science and Beauty and passionate for helping others becoming healthier and happier.


Clínica DermAge has unique values that makes it as a clinic of excellence and above all completely aimed at obtaining the best results for its patients:


Professionalism and Specialized Training

At Clínica DermAge we have an excellent team of professionals.



All patients of Clínica DermAge are treated and monitored in a personalized and attentive manner.



At Clínica DermAge we work daily to obtain positive results to our patients.

Medical Doctors

Alexandra Osório

Drª. Alexandra Osório

Clinic Director / Dermatologist - Portuguese Professional License No. 35580

Luís Lopes

Dr. Luís Lopes

Endocrinologist - Portuguese Professional License No. 33564

Margarida Barreiros

Drª. Margarida Barreiros

Ortopedist - Portuguese Professional License No. 35568

Sérgio Santos

Dr. Sérgio Tavares dos Santos

Urologist - Portuguese Professional License No. 37469

Alain Barberá

Alani Barberi

Alternative Medicines

Célio Pedroso

Drª. Célia Maria Lino Pedroso

Gynecologist - Portuguese Professional License No. 46962

Technical Team

Tânia Maia

Tânia Maia

Technician of the Capillary Unit

Olga Arroz

Olga Arroz

Beautician and Technician Responsible for Laser Hair Removal Unit

Denise Fonseca

Denise Fonseca



Andreia Ferreira

Andreia Ferreira

Administrative Advisor

Fabiano Andrade

Fabiano Andrade


Carla Feliz

Carla Feliz

Receptionist and Administrative Assistant