Abdomen Surgery

The abdomen is the body area that most accumulates fat. But at the DermAge, we can help with this discomfort by performing abdominal surgery. In women, the distention cause by pregnancy separates the abdominal muscles, increasing area deformation.

To have a “plain belly” and without stretches aids to delineate a feminine gracious figure and it is a sign of good physical tonus. The abdominal wall is built basically by three elements: skin, under-cutaneous cellular tissue with subjacent fat and muscle tension.

The distortion of any or more of these elements will be responsible for a deformity, which according to the severity; will require a more or less complex treatment. The most frequent surgical procedures are the abdominal dermolipectomy (abdominoplasty) and the liposuction.

  • Liposuction is used when there is an accumulation of fat between skin and muscle tension.
  • Dermolipectomy allows correcting the abdominal muscle weakness and eliminating the skin excess.

Liposuction or Dermolipectomy

The election of this procedure doesn’t depend exclusively on the patient’s weight desired. Each technique has its indications, advantages and inconvenient, that the patient will have to know, understand, evaluate and accept.

During ante-surgery consultation the surgeon will evaluate and advise on the final length of the scar, which depends on the skin malleability level, the abdominal fat excess and the muscle state. Both interventions will be with general or epidural anesthesia and the inpatient care will be from 24 to 48 hours.

Cares and Results

Abdominal Dermolipectomy has an added number of benefits: to slim the waist and squeeze the upper parts of the thighsThe residual scar ends up by being camouflaged by, in the majority of the cases, underwear or swimwear; If patient underwent an abdominal surgery it is not recommended physical efforts for six weeks after the surgery date;

Overall, using compression clothing increases the comfort sensation and avoids complaints.

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