Aesthetics Consultation (Facial and Body)

Facial and Body Aesthetics appointments are dedicated to the rejuvenation of the whole body. The patient will be presented a tailored aesthetic treatment plan designed to meet the patients expectations.

It is booked an appointment to evaluate the patient aging, needs and aspirations; and to draw plan “à la carte”.

Accordingly, in the appointment of facial and body aesthetics the patient will be informed and advised on the prevention of premature aging of the skin and will be recommend cosmetics and techniques suitable for each skin type and age.


Alexandra Osório dedicated years of her life studying the aging process and its correction. During the appointment will observe the irregularities of the surface of the skin (spots, open pores, loss of brightness), wrinkles (at rest and in movement), loss of volume, loss of jaw line, as well as any cosmetic irregularities, either body or facial (sagging, cellulitis, stretch marks, scars, gluteal depressions).

The ultimate goal is for the patient to feel satisfied, happy and enjoy the treatment process, with a new image and improved self-esteem.

Online Appointment Request

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