Flaccidity is a problem that worries plenty women, and, in some cases, men. The number of body areas with flaccidity tends to increase after the 30 year old. This is due to the existence of various factors that speed flaccidity appearance, even in young people.  The body parts more susceptible are the arms (Bingo Arms), abdomen and legs.

Amongst the main reasons for this problem are skin aging. With time one reduces the production of collagen and elastin, proteins that grant vigor and strength to the skin.

The medical treatments to firm sagging skin are effective in cases of mild and moderate flaccidity and in patients with severe, it is necessary to perform surgery. Currently, the tendency is to treat sagging skin at early ages and even prevent it by the best results and its naturalness.


Tobacco and alcoholic drinks are responsible for skin elasticity loss. Hormonal changes, from processes of obesity or pregnancy, and the appearing of flabby structures starts, mainly, with sudden weight changes.

In resume, flaccidity is the lack of muscle tonicity provoking a deficit of tension associated to flaccidity of the epidermal tissue. Say “bye-bye” to the Bingo muscle!

Main causes:

  • Hypocaloric diets;
  • Excessive sun exposure;
  • Consumption of tobacco and alcoholic drinks;
  • Lack of physical exercise, low water intake.

Useful Advice

  • Diet with vegetables and fruit;
  • Drink plenty of water;
  • Exercise, at least a 30 minute walking of steady fast nonstop pace;
  • Combine walking with muscular toning.

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