The botox or Botulinum toxin can both be used in the aesthetic and medical field.

In the aesthetic field one may use it to relief heavy expressions of the face, as for instance, there are people who always look angry, but as one say “everything is not as it seems”. Clínica DermAge can help solving this problem.

Another example of the use of Botox at the aesthetic field is the gum tissue reduction; Clínica DermAge helps in getting a nice and perfect smile!

How it Works

Botulinum toxin, universally known as Botox (Vistabel, Azzalure, Bocouture), is a protein complex of biologic origin, that is injected applied in very small doses. It acts through the blockage of releasing some neurotransmitter that will prevent the muscle to act as the brain ordered.

Expression lines are then softening. The final result appears after a week and the expression lines remain practically invisible. The effect lasts about 6 to 12 months. This time lapse depends from person to person, this is, it depends on the muscle strength of each person. After this time, the patient may apply a small dose to retouch or apply new doses.


This treatment is fairly simple, practical and non-invasive and doesn’t cause dependency! The only dependency is the patient to start liking to look nicer, better looking and light!

When well applied the patient can carry on with the daily life and even go to a party or meeting right after the procedure, as with the correct techniques no one finds a thing and even make up can be applied.

The patient cannot exercise on the day of the treatment, as well as shall avoid saunas and Turkish baths or any source of heat. During hot season, some women are afraid to make this or similar treatments, they shouldn’t as two days after the procedure the patient can go to the beach!

Even More

Another use, everyday more common and spread is the medical Botox. For a better understanding of this type of treatment, let’s read an example: Botox can be applied at the hands palms, feet and armpits to drastically or completely decrease excessive perspiration in these body parts. It is common nowadays to make these treatments to avoid socially awkward situations. There are persons who avoid certain types of clothing, sandals or even mingling as they feel bad about their perspiration.

Don’t be afraid, Clínica DermAge has a solution to your problem. This treatment has quiet fast results, no surgical intervention is needed and it is done in the wink of an eye.

Useful Advice

  • Pay careful attention during the 5 first days after the procedure, as it may occur small ecchymosis (bruises) and swelling;
  • Inform your doctor of any type of allergies;
  • Botox will have results on the applied area, unless rare exceptions (which will last shortly);
  • Avoid this treatment during fertile and breastfeeding times.

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