Augmentation Mammaplasty / Breast Implants

There is no doubt that breasts play an important role on body aesthetic as a clear symbol of feminine identity. For this, mammaplasty interventions or breast implants are more and more frequent.

Satisfactory Solutions

The lack of breast development is solved by breast implants surgery. The intervention varies according to where and how to place the implants. These may be placed behind the mammary gland or breast muscle and/or by breast fascia, depending on the case.

On the other hand, implants placing may be done through various entry points. If placed behind the areola, there will be a slight scare and the incision is done right where the skin color changes. It can also be done from the axilla line or right from the line underneath the breasts. The most suitable solution is chosen according to each case characteristics and the type of implant to be used.

Implants solve the problem and have no interference with breastfeeding. All interventions of mammaplasty require general anesthesia and one to two days of inpatient care. After surgery it is recommended avoiding sudden movements that may affect the breast area. After surgery care as well as stitches will be duly informed by the dermatologist of the medical team.

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