Breast Reconstruction-DIEP

Breast cancer remains one of the most frequent. For women it is not only a terrible disease, but very often, part of the treatment involves mastectomy and breast extraction. Women facing breast cancer also face the loss of a breast, that is, part of their femininity.

Breast reconstruction often means an essential step to return to normality, not only the lost organ is recovered, but also aids in recovering the femininity and contributes to forget the terrible fight against the disease.

Breast reconstruction does not interfere neither in the treatment nor in the breast cancer control follow-up, in this sense, that is why, more and more oncologists recommend breast reconstruction.

Even More

Surgeon aim is to create a new, as similar as possible to a natural breast. Therefore, throughout the years, as more advanced surgical techniques emerged and better anatomic knowledge, it has appeared techniques that allow a higher quality reconstruction and better looking in the physiology sense.

The choice of the most appropriated technique depends on each patient and the cancer own characteristics. When it is possible to use more than one technique, patient and surgeon decide together after knowing the limitations, advantages and dangers of each technique.

What is a DIEP?

DIEP (deep inferior epigastric perforator) is the most advanced microsurgical technique of breast reconstruction, allowing to use only abdomen fat and skin, without injuring muscle or use foreign material to the body (breasts implants).

The technique consists in using excess skin and fat from the abdomen that due to its physical color, fat and texture characteristics are the most suitable to create a new breast.

One Step Ahead

Most mastectomized patients may opt by this type of reconstruction, meaning one step ahead in fighting breast cancer treatments sequel. This is the most used method in the world’s most prestigious hospitals.

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