Dark Circles

Lack of sleep: it is believed that for harming the microcirculation of the eyes region and provoke paleness, lack of sleep may contribute to the severing of the dark circles.

Genetics: unfortunately if it is a problem that is part of the family, dark circles may be lessened, but not completely eliminated – this is, if the patient takes all the needed precautions to avoid the factors that stresses it. To work the psychologic side to accept oneself better is also important, since, though it may causes discomfort, and there are ways to mitigate, the person will have to live with that facial characteristics.

Dehydration: dryness and skin fragility around the eyes contributes greatly to severing this problem.

More Causes

Sun exposure: sun exposure without quality sunglasses and products of protection factor at the eyelids may stress the pigmentation around the eyes.

Collagen loss (protein that sustains and grants elasticity to the skin):
as one ages or there are factors that harm collagen production (bad dieting, tobacco, etc.), its deficiency tends to leave around the eyes a finer and fragile skin, stressing the dark circles.

Tobacco and alcohol: for damaging collagen production and circulation, amongst others, alcohol and specially tobacco contributes to it.

Rub or sudden movements around the eyes: for being an extremely thin and sensible area, to make aggressive movements in the region, be it make up removal, applying creams or merely scratching, may break small blood vessels and cause hemoglobin deposits in the region, causing thus dark circles.

Dark CirclesDark Circles

Other Causes

Allergies, anemia, breathing problems, vitamins insufficiency: as it harms circulation, it may provoke eyes itching or dilate blood vessels in the area, allergies and breathing problems may contribute to dark circles. Amongst others, paleness caused by anemia and vitamin insufficiency (especially vitamin K, vitamin C and those from Complex B) may stress the dark circles.

PMS, hormonal changes: may unbalance the melanin production, darkening the eye region. During PMS, along with it circulation changes, and stress and liquid retention may worsen the problem.

Medicaments: amongst other implications medicaments may cause blood vessels dilation making darkening under the eyes.

Dark CirclesDark Circles

Types of Dark Circles

Periorbital hyperpigmentation (POH): are brown and appear when the eye globe is allocated in a deep hole and covered by a thin skin, which allows showing the cavity shadow.

Hyperpigmentation dark circles: are also brown but caused by the accumulation of melanin (protein that provides pigmentation to skin, hair, etc.). Normally occurs in people of dark-skin tone.

Iron related dark circles: are purple and caused by the accumulation of hemoglobin (protein that, amongst other functions, grants pigmentation to the blood) or products of its degradation (bilirubin, biliverdin and iron).

Vascular dark circles: are slightly blueish and caused by excess of fluid retention, when the microcirculation of the region is harmed.

Useful Advice

  • Massage the face with circular movements around the eyes.

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