Dermatology Consultation

Dermatology consultation is important to improve the appearance of your skin and improve your self-esteem and confidence.

Dermatology Center DermAge was developed to supply your skin needs. The constant scientific and technologic updating allows offering you the best clinical standards.

Our Dermatology consultation is available for all ages, treating all skin diseases. We accompany the patient throughout the process of diagnosis, treatment, and surveillance (prevention).
Therefore, in addition to the medical office where the consultation takes place, you may have to perform examinations, medical or surgical treatments.

Dermatology acts in diseases diagnosis, prevention and treatment, as well as to guide and solve aesthetic problems, and working in maintaining skin beauty and health.

The last few years, with the increase of exposure of the skin to the environment and its direct relation with the perception to beauty and good-looking, dermatology has been having a more and more key role in the matter.

Come to Clínica DermAge and let us assist you! Clínica DermAge will advise on the best treatment that your skin, you and your well-being, and health need, using the most up-to-date devices – where science meets beauty!

Make your dermatology consultation, from Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 7 pm.

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