Facial Lifting

Aging is a natural consequence of time lapsing. Its sequels, prologue exposure to sun rays or daily stress are more visible in the face and neck, provoking folds and wrinkles, making the expression losing its definition. All these effects can be improved with the facial lifting.

Lifting is a treatment that doesn’t take years but aids to improve the looks, returns skin tone, recovers light spots and facial outlines, and grants a younger effects and a vitality that disappeared with time.

There are many facial lifting techniques. The surgeon will indicate the best procedure to each case.

Before the Surgery

As in all procedures, previous medical exams are highly necessary to detect any possible anomaly that may counter-indicate the surgery.

The plastic surgeon will indicate which steps to follow.

During the first consultation, it is done a facial structure evaluation, as the general health state of the patient. The surgeon will evaluate also which hopes the patient has and informs on all the relevant aspects of the surgery.


Lifting may be done with local anesthesia or sedation or general anesthesia. For patients treating neck area, it is recommended the general anesthesia. The surgical process varies according to the areas that the patient wants to improve, the most affected area, the colocation and extension of the cuts and the use of complementary techniques.

Lifting surgery is done in a single intervention. The technique consists in replace the muscle groups, skin and fat, removing the excess tissue according to an incision inside the hair until the natural lines of the ears and continuing around the lobes, behind the ears and scalp. In this way scars are completely camouflaged. When neck area needs a special treatment, it is necessary to cut right below the chin.

In addition to skin, the surgery will focus also on the face muscle structures, bones and fat, allowing managing a more natural and last-longing initial results.


After surgery the patient shall rest for one or two days. The post-surgery normally isn’t too painful, which shall be controlled with painkillers. Normally, the majority of the patients return to its daily life in two weeks.

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