Facial Rejuvenation

Facial Rejuvenation is a procedure to provide a younger appearance to the face and soften the signs of aging like fine lines and dynamic wrinkles.

We live in a time that staying young has become a “Cultural Obsession”, specially the face.

The first Facial Rejuvenation treatments appeared as being extremely invasive to the human body, leaving excessive scares in the face that report having undergone a treatment.

However, resulting from technological and medical evolutions, less invasive and non-surgical treatments have emerged that have pleased patients who seek for this type of treatments.

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Currently, due to the development of treatments, there are corrective techniques aimed at Facial Rejuvenation that prevent the patient from leaving his family and professional routine.

Clínica DermAge, specialized in anti-aging, is constantly evolving to offer its patients the best and most innovating techniques on Facial Rejuvenation in order to improve the patient appearance and above all, self-esteem.

Thus, during the first consultation of Aesthetics Dermatology, Dr. Alexandra Osório analyzes face, neck and neckline, as to draw the Facial Rejuvenation treatment that is most suitable to the patient.


Making a good diagnosis, evaluating patient expectations and therapeutic goals are one of the most important phases of Facial Rejuvenation treatment, in which Clínica DermAge and Dr. Alexandra Osório invest heavily in terms of constant training.

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Useful Advice

  • Avoid extensive sun exposure as to prevent part of the skin natural aging;
  • Be aware of factors such as alcohol consumption, tobacco and unhealthy diet;
  • Correctly moisturize face, neck and neckline skin.

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