FotoDermAge Antiacne is the emission of non-coherent light that destroy and stops the multiplication of Propioniubacterium Acnes, the bacteria that provides acne. Along being effective, this treatment also presents advantages such as: doesn’t provoke skin irritation, photo-sensibility or pain. Besides, no antibiotic medication is needed and it doesn’t interfere whatsoever with the patient’s daily life. However, the patient must maintain the dermatologist prescribed normal hygiene care.

Anti-acne Phototherapy is indicated to all patients, but specially to those that do not reply to the normal therapeutics; or that do not want a systemic treatment with isotretinoin, antibiotics or oral birth control pills.

The traditional anti-acne treatments provoke uncomfortable side effects. For example, the topic therapies of applying ointments, frequently causes redness, irritation and dryness. With FotoDermAge Antiacne that doesn’t happen and the patient obtains excellent results in few time lapse and without counter-indications of any sort. Little by little the skin starts to recover its balance, re-acquiring its smooth texture and normalizes, and it can be boosted at home with given therapeutics.


The duration of the treatment can be three times less than the traditional methods and it is the unique therapy that prevents scars. This is, undoubtedly the most advanced technology existing in aesthetic medicine on dermatologic treatments.

Normally the treatment is of 16 sessions, twice a week and afterwards it is recommended 2 to 6 sessions after six months of the initial treatment. FotoDermAge is an innovating treatment with Fototerapia LED of facial rejuvenation and lifting.

Human being desires everyday more and more a younger, nicer and beautiful skin. Chronologic aging allied to bad habits such as bad dieting, tobacco, alcohol and stress may cause flabbiness, wrinkles and expression lines that become evident after the 30 years old.

Therefore, it is important to stimulate the skin, both with cosmetics and with devices, to postpone as much as possible the aging process.


To fulfill this, it just reached the market an innovating treatment with coherent light, or merely facial remolding, which consists in using the new technology – LED – FOTODERMAGE REJUVENESCIMENTO (LED FotoDermAge Rejuvenation).

LED is the energy source that holds through the wave length and in the particles flow the photons. With adequate doses and wave length, LED are therapeutically and beneficial to repair tissue, especially when associated to specific cosmetics that aid repairing and regenerating the cellular components. LED acts on the cellular level, activating the mitochondria and favoring the formation of collagen and in the reduction of collagenase production, the enzyme that destroys good collagen. It increases skin elasticity, reduces wrinkles and expression lines, feeds and rejuvenates the skin without harming it, painless and riskless of marks and scars.


The treatment is of 4 sessions of 20 minutes each, once a week with LED associated cosmetics.

This treatment has many advantages:

  • It may be used in all types of skin, even tanned;
  • The patient may sun bathing during the treatment;
  • Without side effects;
  • Painless;
  • It may be done all year long.

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