Free Body Evaluation Consultation

Clínica DermAge offers a FREE body evaluation consultation, where you may clarify all the doubts that you may have on the clinic’s treatments, both facial and body. You will also be evaluatied in a global way, be it your BMI, biologic age, visceral fat quantity, amongst others aspects. Later on and bearing in mind the obtained results, Dr. Alexandra Osório will advise on a fitted Plan to Body Treatments.

This free body evaluation consultation is importante because the sooner ones starts taking care of its body, the later and better it will age. A woman of 20 years doesn’t need the same care that a woman of 50 needs, for example, this implies a personalized care.


Throughout time, the body suffers several changes. This implies the existence of a double attention with body care needs. In each of these phases one must correct the asymmetries that appear (cellulitis, flabbiness, stretches…) and that affect both the person image and self-esteem!

As times goes by, skin stops renovating as it did, dermis doesn’t oxides as well as it used to, becoming thinner, less sustainable and ends up giving up to gravity – it gets old.


Curves change (or disappear) and, sometimes, distributes themselves unharmoniously, due to hormonal, diets factors or merely for weight excess. Despite all, there are aesthetic alternatives that may aid!

Clínica DermAge avails to its clients a free evaluation, where several matters will discussed, such as: physical exercise, diet or diets patterns, social and family life style, amongst others. It is necessary to reinforce the most important of all which is: to have a correct diagnosis with the identification of all aesthetics problems.

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