Gluteal Augmentation

Currently, gluteal augmentation is one of the most valued procedures, not only for men but also for women. Thus, this remains one of the trends of cosmetic surgeries.

When it is not possible to remodel the glutes with the fat itself there are other alternatives, such as prostheses. Thus, this surgery has become an asset for many people who do not have hourly availability for physical exercise. However, and above all, for its genetics and the shape of the glutes themselves.

Thus, genetics itself can condition what is possible to achieve through exercise, eventually emerging this aesthetic intervention as the perfect solution.

Increase of glutes with prostheses

The increase of glutes with prostheses is indicated for those who want to correct aesthetic imperfections, as well as improve the contour and shape. We indicate this procedure to people who already have a good general physical shape without having the necessary fat in the body to do a lipofilling.

This increase is made in the operating room under general or epidural anesthesia conjugated with local anesthesia.

For the choice of prosthesis size, it is essential to take into account the body proportion and anatomy of each one. In consultation with the plastic surgeon can discuss to your expectations and of course should always take into account the advice given by our specialist.

The gluteal augmentation has one day of hospitalization and a recovery time of two weeks.

Procedures and Results

It is done an incision on the intergluteal folds, to hid the scar. Through it is placed the special prosthesis, on an under-fascial, under-muscle or intra-muscle depending on each patient and the intended volume.

  • Inpatient care is from 24 to 48 hours;
  • Patient may sit 36 hours after and then leaves the clinic with a bandage and compression underpants;
  • Stitches are removes after 15 days and the patient may exercise after one month;
  • The results are natural and visible after 2 months, yet, only after one year will it be definitive.

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