Gynecomastia / Male Breast Excess

At DermAge Clinic, we have gynecomastia treatment for male breast excess.

Gynecomastia is a change from the male breast to the male breast excess. This alteration causes problems in the man, and in certain occasions it can even prevent him from living his life freely. Excess breast growth can be glandular, fat, or mixed. Its constitution is determined after a mammography to know the suitable technique to be used.


The intervention is normally done with general anesthesia. In cases of a small volume it can be applied local anesthesia and sedation. The surgical treatment consists in extracting the mammal content by small incisions, normally located at the armpits. If the content is fat, liposuction is enough; if it is glandular then the gland is extracted.


Hospitalization normally lasts 24 hours. Afterwards, the patient must wear a chest band for a month and make drainage massage to accelerate recovery.

Four days after the gynecomastia, the patient may return to his daily normal life. Final results will be noticed after 3 months, when the skin will be deflated and adapted to the new breast volume.

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