Hair Consultation

More than a decade ago, Dr. Alexandra Osório has been dedicating herself to hair and scalp diseases. Today’s society, image is more and more often valorized, both by men and women. It’s important to take care of you in every aspect and that’s why we have the hair consultation.

In today’s society, the increasingly valued, both by men and women.

Our specialists do an exhaustive analysis of the scalp, thereafter recommending the most appropriate treatments for each person. Therefore, this is always carried out with the aid of the most advanced technology.

Our goal is your satisfaction, as well as increasing your self-esteem and quality of life.

In this consultation, an investigation is always done on the scalp of each patient, using diagnostic techniques. The aesthetic importance of the subject is also emphasized.

Most consultations are about hair loss, loss of quality, and flexibility of the hair. Dr. Alexandra Osório has a very specific, rigorous, and complete approach to capillary pathologies. It can combat hair loss and make it grow, improving the quality of the hair shaft.

Do not hesitate to schedule your hair consultation at DermAge.

Even More

Patient’s satisfaction, increasing self-esteem and life quality is the primordial aim of Clínica DermAge.

In this hair consultation it is done an investigation to each patient scalp, using diagnosis techniques, along with the importance of the aesthetics.

Most consultations is on hair and quality loss and hair flexibility. Dr. Alexandra Osório uses a very own approach, with rigor and complete of all hair pathologies, fighting hair loss and making it growth again, improving capillary shaft quality.

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