Hair Implant

A hair implant is, indeed, quite like a hair transplant ant, thus, confuses the patient.

In these process, there is a given and a receptor area, where from the first area Clínica DermAge takes the follicles that will later on will origin new hair. This happens in the receptor area, but the giver is not the receptor.

It is frequent to have picks of loss that lead men and women to dermatology consultations. “It is normal to fall between 100 to 120 hairs daily, but if this number increases, if one sees that there is an abnormal hair loss, then research of the various causes must be done”, affirms an expert. “we are speaking about a problem that affects a lot people’s self-esteem, as it moves deeply with the person psychologically, and in more extreme cases socially, and for that it is imperative the understand the hair loss and treat it”, affirms.

Useful Advice

  • To pay attention during the healing period (3 to 4 days);
  • Avoid solar exposure before and after the surgery;
  • On the following day of the hair transplant, the patient has to come the Clínica DermAge to remove the bandage and the patient mustn’t touch the head until then;
  • Avoid lowering the head;
  • Leave the crusts fall naturally.

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