Hair Rejuvenation

Hair fall affects, mainly, men from 18 year old on, however, it also affects men of other ages and some women. To fight this problem there is in Clínica DermAge treatment of hair rejuvenation that handles hair fall, loss and alopecia.

To prevent hair aging, to treat and control the evolution of alopecia is the aim of this treatment developed by Dr. Alexandra Osório – “Hair fall is the main problems of men in dermatological sense, that tends to manifest starting from 18 years old and may severe in a slow or fast way, depending on the genetic weight.”

Even More

The hair loss in women and the hair volume decrease are two of the main severe health problem that shall be detected soon, in order to have fantastic results and managed the process reversion.

Hair, volume and quality loss, texture, flexibility of the hair shaft are the problems that affect many women. What happens is that, as this problem is associated to hair, many people go to hairdressers to solve the problem. Wrong! They shall go to a dermatologist/trichologist.

It is possible to stop loss, strengthening the hair shaft and recover lost hair quality as long as the patient doesn’t appear in an advanced stage.


The hair rejuvenation program is an exclusive protocol of Dr. Alexandra Osório. Not only stops the hair loss but also stimulates the birth of new hair strings, rejuvenates and strengths the remaining hair. The protocol includes also shampoos, topic application medicament at the scalp, oral pills and hair bio-revitalization treatments.

Innumerous patients have already done this type of treatment, as Dr. Alexandra Osório states: “I have treated with this protocol of hair rejuvenation, developed by me using my professional experience and products from the highest quality and obtaining amazing results more than 500 patients”. Doctor Osório adds that “hair loss targets 60% of men and some women”.

“It is important that who suffers from these pathologies to start the earliest possible the treatment to stop hair loss, as the soonest it starts the better and faster are the results” concludes Dr. Osório.


Hair loss may origin from multiple factors, such as: pregnancy and after birth; hormonal changes; oral birth control pills; menopause; high fevers; hemorrhage; surgery, severe hepatic or kidney failure; hyper or hypothyroidism; acute or chronic disease; syphilis; unappropriated diets; prolonged fasting; anemia; iron deficiency; sudden weight changes; sleepless nights; some medicines; exposition to certain chemicals; improper use of cosmetic products, amongst others.

Useful Advice

  • Keep an eye on lessen and loss hair during shower;
  • If any of your parents is bald, or have low hair density, you should make an early diagnosis!

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