Immunoallergology Consultation

Immunoallergology consultation. Clínica DermAge has an expert on Immunoallergology, specialty that studies and handles the epidemiological.

Clínica DermAge has an expert on Immunoallergology, the specialty that studies and handles the epidemiological, clinical and laboratorial aspects related to Clinical Allergology and Immunology of all ages.

This specialty includes the prevention, the diagnostic and the treatment of allergies: food, skin, pharmaceutical and asthma allergies, along with allergies within sports sense and pathologies as rhinitis, bronchial asthma, primary immunodeficiencies, amongst others.

Frequently, an immunoallergologist requests complementary exams of diagnosis that include blood analysis (dosing specific lgE to allergenic), skin sensibility testes by sting or contact, breading functional test and injection of immunotherapy under medical surveillance.

Even More

Children frequently suffer allergies: around 22% of European children have an allergy, being the food allergies the most severe ones.

Severe allergic reactions include anaphylaxis, which constitutes every day more and more one of the manifestations of allergy in childhood, especially food allergy. The severity of these situations, which may be deadly, demand an attention not only from the immunoallergologist but from all health professionals.

Parents, relatives and all involved in children care, at home, schools and health services, shall be intervenient parts in identifying and preventing anaphylactic reactions.

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