Laser Against Patches

Laser for Dark Patches is a treatment that solves a skin problem that is embarrassing and that makes us uncomfortable to deal with.

Clínica DermAge treats all kinds of patches: Caused by acne or by extra pigmentation. Also, we remove uncomfortable facial hair!

The process is very simple: the laser is applied on the skin and splits the patch in several parts, clearing the skin.

Only a dermatologist, after a skin evaluation, can prescribe this treatment. When done without prescription or with the wrong type of laser, it can damage the skin resulting in burns and blisters. In addition, laser procedures are not recommended during pregnancy as they can lead to skin pigmentation and very dry skin. Therefore, pregnant patients will be advised other types of treatment.

This is the most effective and intense skin treatment, however, and aiming to achieve an even better result, the patient may add a skincare routine with creams (indicated afterwards at Clínica DermAge).

Protect your skin with laser for dark patches on DermAge.

Useful Advice

  • This procedure is not indicated to black skin due to melanin level;
  • Use sunscreen and avoid sun exposure.

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