Leg Aesthetics

Women are increasingly concerned about their well-being and self-esteem. DermAge has the best solutions for Leg aesthetics.

In fact, not many women manage, in a natural way, to keep their legs fit and designed, with harmonious calves and thin ankles.

Nevertheless, leg embellishment using several techniques may guarantee beautiful and desirable legs – and this is every woman dream.

There are several surgical and non-surgical techniques of beautifying; however, not all of them are adequate to all types of bodies and needs. In this way, it is necessary to have an evaluation and consultation in order to obtain the desirable results.


At Clínica DermAge the embellishment treatment starts, thus, by performing a complete clinical diagnosis allowing the identification of the best treatments for each person.

After, it is chosen between Dr. Alexandra Osório and the patient, which treatments to be done such as: varicose and spider veins treatment, localized cellulitis or liposuction. Everything that you need to improve the leg aesthetics.

In case of varicose or spider veins, along with simple drainage techniques, foam sclerosis and surgery, at Clínica DermAge the patient can also have the laser treatment. It is 100% effective and painless.

Clínica DermAge knows and is aware that the secret to managed desirable legs is a perfect combination between exercise and the right treatments.

Therefore, Dr. Alexandra Osório advices all patients to walk or run, as it is crucial to the health and beauty of the legs.

Useful Advice

  • Watch your legs regularly to detect spider veins in time;
  • Exercise, either walking or running;
  • Correctly moisturize the legs;
  • Have a healthy diet and drink water frequently throughout the day.

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