Lifting is a surgical procedure that may be used to rejuvenate the skin when some imperfections are found, both on wrinkle and on expression line level.

Clínica DermAge offers three types of lifting just contact us and schedule your appointment.

The three types are at your disposal at Clínica DermAge:

Facial and Neck Lifting

The so called Facial and Neck Lifting is done, as it name states, in the patient’s face and neck area. This treatment of aesthetic nature aims to reduce, or even to eliminate, the skin aging evidences.

In relation to the surgery itself, this starts with local anesthesia, and by norm, implies an in-patient care of a day, for surveillance and the patient returns home on the following day.

Deepening from patient to patient, the recovery may take 1 to 2 weeks. Scares left by the treatment are to too many patients a great concern; however, these are at the top of the head, near the hair roots and beyond the ears making them invisible.

Lifting without Surgery

Lifting without Surgery has very similar effects to facial and neck lifting, however, the procedure is totally different, this treatment doesn’t imply any sort of skin cut or in-patient care and less care in terms of surgery.

One has to pay attention that this type of lifting doesn’t replace the traditional one. The biggest difference that there is, is in the age, as starting from 35 years old the patient can do the treatment and then in a more advance stage of marked aging signs do the traditional method.

Facial Lifting with Absorbable Suture

In relation to this lifting, and comparing to the traditional lifting, one may conclude that the difference is, as the name says, the use of absorbable suture. These are composed by polylactic acid and are absorbed within 1 to 2 years’ time. It grants a more efficient traction and fixation of the tissues.

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Useful Advice

  • 8 hours fasting prior to the surgery;
  • Avoid hitting in the treated area;
  • Try to rest during the two first weeks after the lifting.

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