The concern for body image has acquired a special importance in recent years. We can have a perfect body and a good state of health if we have a healthy life, with a proper diet and continued physical exercise. However, there may be certain localized fats, that are hard to eliminate. To eliminate it effectively and definitively, a surgical technique called liposuction or liposuction is used.

The appearance of certain localized fats in the body is quite common. These excesses are usually located in the abdomen, buttocks, hips, thighs and knees. Sometimes underneath the chin or in the back part of the arms.


Liposuction is a surgical technique that eliminates excess fat, by suctioning specific points through fine cannulas. Extracted fat will not appear again and fat cells cease to reproduce, managing thus time lasting results.

During ante-surgical consultation will be done an exhaustive examination and drawn a complete clinical history where all important data are registered as areas to be treated, skin quality and stretches existence.

The intervention will be with local or general anesthesia depending on the areas to treat. Inpatient-care is maximum 24 hours, but for some small treated areas.

Approximately during a month after surgery, the patient has to use compression clothing and massage the treated area in order to optimize the recovery.

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