Mastoplasty Reduction

Women’s breasts play a key role on the body aesthetics for being a clear symbol of feminine identity. A breast with excess volume is not only unaesthetic but may also overload and cause pain to the cervical region. For this reason mastoplasty reduction is performed in great number.

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In cases of volume excess, the problem is solved by an intervention that removes fat and skin excess, reaching the areola complex area reducing the breast size and leaving the desired form and turgidity.

Gynecomastia is when breasts volume are exaggeratedly large, coming until the armpit, without neckline separation and are more decreased than normal – in these cases the scar is larger.


Excessive fall of the breasts, ptosis, is due to the excess of volume, yet can also be due to several pregnancies by skin distension.

Breasts are organs formed by gland tissue, fat and skin, without bone or muscle support. Therefore, it is the skin that surrounds it that supports it. If breasts are heavy and with great volume prevents skin to maintain them upwards.

Mastoplasty reduction. Mastopexy consists in raising areola and nipple, granting form and turgidity. In this intervention mammal tissue is not removed (unless necessary due to excessive volume) only excess skin. The result is a firm and well-shaped breast.

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