The goal of Clínica DermAge and Dr. Alexandra Osório is to improve your health and above all your physical and emotional well-being. For that we created a new medical branch: Orthopedics.

Clínica DermAge knowing that muscular and orthopedic pain contribute to stress increase and to general poor physical condition has the pleasure to present Dr. Margarida Barreiros, responsible for Orthopedics at Clínica DermAge.

Margarida Barreiros is specialist in Foot Pathology and Plantar Fascia, mini invasive Foot Surgery and Knee Pathology. Margarida Barreiros prescribes the best treatment for muscles and bones to improve life quality.

Even More

Through Orthopedics consultations at Clínica DermAge it will be possible to have a diagnosis related to the patients’ complaints. Common complaints like back pain, hip, knees or arthrosis get a a treatment plan and personalized monitoring.

Orthopedic pains cause stress, irritation and affect posture in personal or professional life. Clínica DermAge offers the best service possible aiming to assist the patient to overcome it and return to his/hers normal routine in the best shape possible.

Useful Advice

  • Try to maintain the most correct body posture during your daily life;
  • Exercise regularly, if possible with exercises related to body posture;
  • Avoid excess weight on shoulder bags;
  • In case of persistent pain, regardless which type, schedule an Orthopedics consultation at Clínica DermAge and get the best monitoring.

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