Rosacea is a cutaneous inflammatory vascular disease that provokes redness and pimples in the face. Normally, this disease appears in adults between 30 to 50 years old, being more frequent in women. However, the most severe form is normally found in men.

Affecting mainly the central area of the face, in an initial phase, there is a slight redness that is going to become more persistent as time goes by.

This worsening may occur spontaneously or by the action of several factors such as: sunlight, hot, cold, alcohol or spicy and/or hot foods.


In few months this conditions may become permanent and it shows through the formation of pimples and telangiectases. These inflammatory lesions differ from those from acne by the absence of blackheads and of big painful pimples.

In the more severe forms, the skin gets thicker and some inflammatory nodules appears with the increase of nose size, leaving a shapeless and bulbous aspect. This symptom characterizes the rhinophyma, a complication that affects almost exclusively men.

In 50% of the cases it may occur the Ocular Rosacea, with symptoms similar to conjunctivitis with the sensation of odd body, burn, red eye and lid edge evolvement.


The diagnostic is crucial. If you have symptoms – redness, reddish and dilated small blood vessels, small showing and contained skin lesions, followed or not by pus – you should see a dermatologist as soon as possible.

Early diagnosis, the start of the treatment and the needed care, including the use of adequate products are very important.


How to atenuate redness?

  • Use cooling techniques, as to place an ice cube in the mouth, or refresh with a wet towel;
  • Wear adequate make up to camouflage the excess redness – with a green pigment.

Normally Rosacea replies satisfactorily to the treatment, but its improvement is gradual and requires patience and perseverance.

The completion of the treatment plan by the patient has a key role in controlling the disease. In many cases, the medical treatment is not enough and it is needed other specific care as laser, skin cleansing to sensible and reactive skins.

Useful Advice

  • Use tepid water to wash the face;
  • Use soft cleansers with high water rate;
  • Wear nonfat make up;
  • Do not eat a very spicy diet nor drink alcohol;
  • Daily apply sun blocker.

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