Skin Medical Cleaning

Skin medical cleaning. Every day our skin is exposed to several external aggressions, both from our side as from external factors, away from your influence.

Therefore, it is important to take care of our skin, not only for our health but also for our well-being, as a beauty face improves greatly our self-esteem. It aids having more confidence and relate better with others.

Skin medical cleaning is a procedure that shall be done way before other treatments, as well as acne, rejuvenation, plastic surgery, amongst others treatments. This aims to extract blackheads and impurities that exist in the skin, but firstly to prepare the skin to all the process. It is necessary to remove all dead cells that are on skin’s surface as to ease the exit of these micro-organisms.


This cleaning can be done by all, but, it is advisable that patient with oily skin to do it more often, otherwise, they are contributing to skin accumulation of these types of impurities.

This treatment follows a very simple procedure: clean, exfoliation, opening pores, extract blackheads, place a mask, and then, skin moisturizing.

After that, it is necessary to have some cares, not to expose to solar radiation and not to use acid products or oily creams. It is necessary to pay attention to all these cares during 48 hours after a skin cleaning. After that, enjoy all and whatever you want!

Useful Advice

  • Seek a good skin moisturizing;
  • Dring water;
  • Use sun blocker in case going out.

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